Wrap Yourself in LOVE this February

What are the thoughts that come to mind when the February rolls in? Chocolates, red roses, romance, and most certainly LOVE.... Those are all fabulous ways to show some love and affection to someone you care about. But what about showing YOURSELF some love? What about showering YOURSELF with affection and attention that you most definitely need and deserve? Simply LOVISH YOURSELF this February. LOVE yourself and make It your wISH.

I am taking this lovely opportunity to showcase the LovishBox - February Edition to share and review all the wonderful products that were curated specially for this occasion and for your enjoyment. Just like we have done every single month, this February we have collaborated with some amazing brands to bring you high quality, luxury, and enjoyment while promoting wellness in support of a healthy lifestyle. So, lets get down to unboxing.....

We are completely amazed with their beautiful, luxurious, and elegant

pieces. This is a Canadian brand whose timeless pieces "shine with your

style". What is surely to impress those who hold social cause close to

their hearts, is the fact that Namaste Jewelry is an active supporter of

education in developing countries and they donate 5% of their anual

profit to address the issues of poverty and education.

So this February, we are featuring their lovely pair of Minimalist Earrings. Made of sterling silver, this elegant pair of studs will "put a little shine to your day". These gorgeous earrings will complement any style, from elegant to casual. #namastejewelry @namastejewelryca

When we think about unwinding and pampering ourselves, it is hard not

to think about a relaxing hot bath. Well... adding a Bewitched Essential

Bath Bomb will make that bath feel like heaven. The heart shaped bomb

of fizziness infused with Patchouli, Ylang - Ylang, and Clove essential oils

is a great recipe for self love.

William Street Soap Company is yet another Canadian gem that offers handmade natural soap and bath products. Their eco-friendly packaging is also something to consider. Their bath bombs come wrapped in an eco-friendly kraft paper. Lets just say, we are definitely Bewitched by the incredible scent and love inspired shape of these fizzy gems. #williamstreetsoap

Evalina Cosmetics is a Vancouver based company that encourages authenticity and celebrates confidence. Their products are created to compliment the beauty that is in you. With their mission of "celebrating and uplifting women for who they are, as they are, in every role they play" this company resonates with women of today. Evalina Cosmetics is also a dedicated supporter of a social cause. They donate a portion of their proceeds to charities supporting children and women in need.

Their amazing lip gloss is a non-sticky formula that deeply moisturizes lips while bringing out the dazzling natural glow and a hint of sparkle to your pout. It is packed with Vitamin E, rich emollients, and antioxidants. Sign me up!!! Who does not want soft and silky lips? #evalinabeauty @evalinabeautycosmetics

If you are as coo-coo for coconut chips as we are, you should definitely try these Organic Chocolate Coconut Chips by our fellow Canadian company. Rawcology is a family owned enterprise committed to creating organic, plant based foods that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their dietary or allergen restrictions. They offer a wide range of flavours however, we felt that the chocolate flavour was most fitting for our February theme of self-love. Lets be honest; Who doesn't love chocolate...

The only thing these chips are missing is the warning on the packaging: BEWARE - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE... Simply: YUMMY! #rawcology @rawcology

The Sleeping Mask and Rose Pedal Sachet were made in Canada exclusively for LovishBox. We chose the sleeping mask for obvious reasons of tuning-out, relaxation, and peaceful rest which are all imperative to taking care of ourselves. Let's face it, when do we find time to truly pamper ourselves and show ourselves some much needed TLC? We do not, but it does not mean we cannot dedicate few minutes of our busy lives to doing just that. Whether it's just tuning out for a few minutes with your sleeping mask or taking a luxury dip in a hot bath sprinkled with rose pedals, we deserve it all. Go for it and dedicate few moments to YOURSELF and your lovely self will thank you for it. #lovishbox

Last but not least....this company has been making amazing skincare products for 30 years. Ziaja offers a wide range of Vegan, plant-based products for adults and children. All of their products are Cruelty-Free.

The Natural Argan Oil Body Lotion is what one needs in order to rejuvenate their dry and dull skin. Especially this time of the year this softly scented lotion will gently lubricate, smooth, and soften over-dry and irritated skin by restoring the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis.

Enough with the scientific jargon. Simply put, your skin will thank you for it. #ziaja @ziaja.polska

So here is my take on the products that were carefully curated for this special occasion of

SELF LOVE and self care. We shouldn't forget to show ourselves some love not only this time of the year but all year round. We often shower our family members, our friends, and others with love and care and we forget or simply cannot find any time to consider our own wellbeing. We, myself included, need to find that little precious time to gift ourselves with love as this is what ignites the love that we can offer to others. Self love is not selfish so LOVE YOURSELF and keep spreading the LOVE to others.

How do you show yourself love? What is your ultimate in pampering yourself?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in my blog? If so, feel free to provide your feedback. I am curious to hear your opinions.